Voyage on the Yukon with artist Cade Turner

Sunday September 22, 2013

The second of the artists to join us as part of the Manly Arts Festival, Cade is an unconventional art photographer who, in his words "pulls the romantic and contemporary world together". "The boat is a renaissance from the past but sailing in modern seas, picking up plastic" he says. 

Today we sailed inside Manly Harbour, Cade's home town. Though Cade said "it's another world on a boat like this ... I have been on another world and we haven't even left Manly, in fact I haven't been looking at Manly at all".

Cade spent his time instead discovering the boat, lying on the deck, photographing the ship's sails, "the soul of the boat" as he put it. 

It's kind of cool when you realise someone can escape their normal daily lives and even forget the place they live, without even leaving their own suburb. Conventional images can't reliably communicate the words Cade expressed when we spoke to him about the trip - words of emotion and feeling. It'll be exciting to find out how he interprets today's voyage. 






Written by

Simon Mustoe