The Yukon's Return to Tasmania

Saturday November 2, 2013

Yukon came alongside at her home port in Franklin at on a gale plagued day in southern Tasmania great to see family and friends to greet us all. The passage down from Sydney went like clockwork but there were times when we earnt each and every mile , tempestuous winds and plummeting temperatures after balmy Sydney gave us a rude re awakening as we crossed Bass Strait.

Landfall at Eddy stone point  on Tassies northeast tip in the grey dawn rouses a cheer from the 4to 8 watch making good way we push on south with a days run of 160 miles Yukon is at her best in a fresh breeze. 

The magnificence of Tasmania’s coast and wildlife warms the weary mariner and adventurer alike, I decide to “shoot the gap” between Tasman island and the Tasman peninsular as the conditions were prime .

Storm bay lives up to her name as we push up toward the shelter of the D´Entrecasteaux  channel then finally the Huon river and Franklin.

East Coast Odyssey 2013 is completed its been a success and a rewarding opportunity .

A success for Wildaires and Yukon tours in so much as it was a leap of faith for both parties in a relatively short period of time an expedition with environmental pertinence has been commenced through customer based support .

 The rewards have been numerous, but chiefly the life experiences  we share on board , Chris “the bird man“ Sanderson binoculars ever at the ready,  Paul and Silke from twohands with their trawl gear and beach clean ups,  Dr Jennifer Lavers with her continuing seabird work  all have brought a kudos to East Coast Odyssey . Tireless energy and personal commitment from all, shine on through.

All our passengers whether on board for 4 days or 4 hours have all contributed to a special and informative  voyage .  Increasing awareness on the serious issue of plastic pollution in our oceans has been approached in a energetic and engaging fashion by all .


The joys and trials of traditional sailing have been effectively combined with some great scientific data collation and a whole lotta fun. We look forward to ECO 2014  I would like to thank you all including a big thank you to my crew Anastasia ,Shane ,Ewan and  Mat




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