Wooden boats, cider and good company on the Huon

Thursday February 20, 2014


A lovely sunny afternoon on the Huon River proved a great opportunity to take some local friends and regional tourism representatives for a quick sail. 

It looked like it was raining over Hobart as we steamed upriver in full sunshine, before turning south under a small red sail (by now the wind was gusting quite strongly). The banks of the Huon River narrowed and the 60 tonne Yukon slipped past the shore, side by side with cars on the highway. 

Jacinta from Pantree Produce had joined us, with a delightful mix of local produce: goats cheese, quail eggs (from their own quail), honey comb, dried blueberries and some gorgeous cherry cider from Willies. 

The trip reminded me again why I love the Huon valley so much. It's like a little bit of Tassie history: beautiful cloud-topped forested mountains, heritage buildings, fresh tannin-stained rivers and of course wooden boats. The company was, as always, pleasant, and full of energy.  

We had a bit of a haze on when we arrived back on the dock. Was it the cider? Perhaps. Also maybe, just for a while, we also forgot what day of the week it was … the history, the sensational taste of local produce, the feel of a wooden boat below us and the scent of fresh air a refreshing mid-afternoon wake up call! 

Thanks to David and Ea for hosting the afternoon, to Jacinta for her wonderful food and hospitality and to our guests for supporting us.   



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Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) 1



Written by

Simon Mustoe