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Cade Turner Exhibition VELA featuring the Yukon

Sydney artist Cade Turner joined us on board the tall ship Yukon this year for the East Coast Odyssey. This is a sneak peak of his work. The first prints from VELA will be released at his upcoming exhibition  ILLUMINATION, at Avalon Beach (Sydney) from 3 - 11 January.

Cade says "I am really excited to finally share with you the new series of works which I captured aboard the Yukon. The series is titled Vela, which means sail in Italian.  All of these photographs are raw and untouched, which is typically how I work, flowing free with the raw energy and light while I was on board." 

Please note, these prints are available from Cade Turner in a set limited edition of 10 prints per work in 75 x 50cm and 67.5 x 100cm sized prints.

Written by

Simon Mustoe